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The least noticed of the destitute in disaster hit Jammu Kashmir are the elderly. Thousands of elderly in Kashmir are trapped in misery through in a combination of low income and poor health. The traditional sport structure is increasingly unable to cope with the problems. Now when the joint family is breaking down, and the children’s are unable to take care of their parents, especially after the earthquake of Oct.8, 2006 it is very difficult for elderly to cope with their daily routines.   

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To:           The President of India,
                 The Prime minister of India,
                 The Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India,
                 The Chief Minister of Jammu Kashmir, Srinagar   

CC to:    The President of Azad Jammu Kashmir,              

                 UN Secretary General,


We, the People and the Civil Society of the State of Jammu and Kashmir, express our anguish and concern over the denial of rights of people of Jammu Kashmir to obtain the possession of the remains of their fellow subject of the state ,  Maqbool Butt to burry according to their own cultural and religious  tradition.

Maqbool Butt was killed by hanging on Feb.11, 1984 in Tihar, Delhi as the consequence of retaliation expressed by that time Indian Regime. He was hanged to take the revenge of the killing of an Indian Diplomat by some unknown organization claiming to be Kashmiri. An act of shame for a country called India.   Even after His Death, his body was not handed over to his family and people, rather buried in Tihar Jail, Delhi. People and civil society of Jammu Kashmir do respect him for his legendary struggle for the restoration of freedom in Kashmir. He is now hero of our nation.  To pay tribute to Maqbool Butt, People of Srinagar have already built and reserve a grave for him in Martyrs Grave Yard of Eidgah, Srinagar. But his formal burial is still awaited.

We Demand:

  • Government of India to behave and understand the feelings of the people and civil society of Jammu Kashmir about Maqbool Butt.
  • Government of India to Hand over remains of Shaheed e Kashmir for proper burial.
  • Secretary General of United Nation to use his influence to convince govt. of India for release of remains of Maqbool But
  • President of Azad Kashmir and Chief Minister of Jammu Kashmir to take appropriate measure to obtain the remains of Shaheed e Kashmir.


Maqbool Butt Foundation 

kct_opd-11Earthquake of October 8 2005, with magnitude of 7.4 on rector’s scale resulted in loss of life and properties to such an extent, which crippled the government and its institutions. A large number of patients and Medical teams around the world reached in Muzaffarabad to care for injured and diseased. Dr. Mohsin Shakil was one of these doctors who came from Bradford for the duty. He was already working in Azad Kashmir Health Department as Consultant Urologist. The earthquake shocks the Kashmiri Community of Bradford as else where in UK. A meeting was held in Bradford in which local Kashmiri Community gathered to plan strategy for relief. It was decided to send a mission to disaster areas headed by Dr. Mohsin Shakil because he was familiar with the local conditions to provide immediate help required, to evaluate the situation and prepare strategy for mid term rehabilitation.
Surgical Out Patient Department was established in Abbas Institute of Medical Sciences, A team of KCT volunteers was also engaged in this project to perform different tasks as Medical Attendents. In 6 months About 30,000 patients received consultation from Surgical OPD. about 12,500 of those were treated by Dr.Mohsin Shakil. He also performed more then hundred specialized Urological procedures.
Medical supply From Bradford brought by Zeeshan benefited many people.


The technical assistance for this project was provided by KRRC to build about hundreds of extendable permanent shelters in Kohori Chanan near Ali Sojal. Sahara Trust also participated in that project , This projecxt was managed and completed by Hassan Sharjeel (Joint Secretary KRRC) . Financial and technical support was also provided to Alami Pahari Adabi Sangat (APAS) in Rawalakot under the supervision of Dr. Sagheer Khan (APAS
sta60023These pilot projects were started to empower the volunteers with the basic knowledge of these subjects and also to encourage the other NGO’s to take up such projects.
The volunteers of KCT reconstruct the electricity of Jalalabad camp. Funding was provided by Kashmir Youth Project, Rochdale.

dsc_0097 This workshop was arranged to encourage the development of the young leaders and empowers the victims of the earthquake to take leadership role in reconstruction and rehabilitation. Linda, Mike Duffy and Dennis were the facilitators of the workshop.

The life in camps is full of hazards, the hazards of the fire are taken care off and volunteers were trained to manage and extinguish fire with readily available materials in camps.
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