KRRC  pilot project (experimental) for assessing " The prospect of cultivating unconventional crop"   and  academic program for producing research scientists in different disciplines with the name "research fellowship program"  was completed successfully and Mr. Amjid Shakeel was awarded Fellowship of KRRC in the discipline of Biology \ Agriculture \ Mushroom Cultivation
KRRC pilot project for developing voluntary organization was initiated by late Mr. Shahid Nizami introducing the concept of sustainable development. Workshops were held for this projects which were actively participated by different voluntary organization working in Azad Kashmir. 

KRRC had the honor to organize a Kashmir Pavilion in Lok-Mela (folk festival) 1992 at Lok-Versa (folk heritage) Islamabad under Project Cultural Heritage. KRRC won a shield for its performance and excellence in portraying the rich Kashmiri cultural heritage and covering the deeply felt message of our just freedom struggle successfully

krrc_releifKRRC launched a pilot project with the name Project Relief, a humble effort made to help the refugees and others through donation of clothing items, household goods, food grain etc. The distribution of these articles has been direct, as well as through other organizations involved in relief operation. Students of Rawalpindi Medical College took active part in this project.



KRRC has produced a pamphlet of maps along with many stickers and posters on Kashmir issue, publication also includes “NGO post “a news letter showing the activities of voluntary organization and last not least the Magazine “Soont Kall".

cry_freedomHuman Rights Watch in Kashmir, a pilot project initiated in 1988 to record Human Right violation in Kashmir and to raise the voice of concern. Human right violations were monitored and collected from news reports by international media, including all India Radio - Srinagar & Delhi, Doordarshan TV Srinagar & Delhi, Pakistan TV, Kashmiri daily and weekly newspapers. Important news, newspaper/magazine articles and columns highlight different aspects of Kashmir issue; freedom movement and human rights violation in Kashmir have been reproduced and distributed by the council, on various occasions. A compilation of such articles and news items titled “Kashmir! Cry Freedom “has been published. This was a pilot project which motivated many others to do such activities. This project was declared successfully completed when a reasonable number of organizations dedicated themselves to this particular job. Mr. Mustahsan Aqeel & Mr. Mohsin Ali Mirza participated in it actively


19 July 2006

The funding for this field trip was provided by the EPSRC. Dr Stephen Platt is Chairman of Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd and Emily So is a doctoral student at the Martin Centre, Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge.

The main street through the town is bounded by a vertical wall of iver boulders which by some miracle hasn’t collapsed. Some tentsare still in evidence, but everywhere there is a huge amount of ebuilding. Commerce is thriving, teeming humanity throng thestreets, bumping and jostling into us as we squeeze past, trying to void by mown down by taxis and trucks. Tractors crawl along inthe heavy traffic hauling heavy duty trailers full of grey sand dug rom the bed of the river Jeelum. People making money. Rich andpoor making their way in different ways.
Mubashar Lone, our contact from Burnley for Kashmir, takes us to  hotel to meet his friend, a Kashmiri surgeon who also works for KCT, the Kashmir Charitable Trust. The hotel is huge with a wide errace overlooking the river. There are signs of cracking in thewalls that have been patched and inside there is a major repair and efit programme going ahead.Chella Bandi, suburb of Muzaffarabad hella Bandi is a suburb of Muzaffarabad about a mile from the town entre. We are shown signs of damage from the road side and theinterviewers are dispatched in pairs along different side streets. ost of the houses are damaged and some have collapsed entirely.Many are still in tents. Those that own their houses and land arecamped in the cleared ruins of their homes. Those from the landslide area which completely wiped out their community are in smalltented camps.
We are being shepherded around by a couple of young coordinators rom KCT who have been working here . We are introduced to a young man in his late twenties called Rajah Kalim who invites us to ee his home. His was the richest and most influential family in the community.

Download Complete report file in PDF

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