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Kashmir! Cry Freedom

Written by  KRRC
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cry_freedomHuman Rights Watch in Kashmir, a pilot project initiated in 1988 to record Human Right violation in Kashmir and to raise the voice of concern. Human right violations were monitored and collected from news reports by international media, including all India Radio - Srinagar & Delhi, Doordarshan TV Srinagar & Delhi, Pakistan TV, Kashmiri daily and weekly newspapers. Important news, newspaper/magazine articles and columns highlight different aspects of Kashmir issue; freedom movement and human rights violation in Kashmir have been reproduced and distributed by the council, on various occasions. A compilation of such articles and news items titled “Kashmir! Cry Freedom “has been published. This was a pilot project which motivated many others to do such activities. This project was declared successfully completed when a reasonable number of organizations dedicated themselves to this particular job. Mr. Mustahsan Aqeel & Mr. Mohsin Ali Mirza participated in it actively

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