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Carpenter, Mason & Steel fixers’ s Training Program on Basics Earthquake-Resistant Construction of B

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 Project : Carpenter, Mason & Steel fixers’ s Training Program on Basics Earthquake-Resistant Construction of Buildings

Kashmir Youth Project (KYP) is an independent charity dedicated to the development and economic regeneration of local community. It is a company limited by guarantee governed by an executive board of director (Unpaid volunteered) elected by the members. It was set up in 1979 by a four young people determined to play a key role in the development of their local area.

The work of KYP falls in three categories.
Community and leisure
Training/Capacity Buildings

Due to 8th October earthquake disaster, there was a big shortage of skilled persons in District Bagh area. It could not fulfill the needs and demand of the local community for reconstruction purpose phase, it was a main challenge for reconstruction.  
On demand and need of people, KYP establish Technical Training Centre at Bagh with help of KRRC.  
This program consist three phases which area as under:-

Phase-I                Six days training program for Capacity Buildings for skilled person i.e. Carpenters, Masons & Steel fixers.

Phase-II               In the 2nd phase of emergency training program, the mobile training workshop will be launched at village level for both skilled and unskilled people for

training of Capacity  Building. This program is specially designed to help & develop the common man for awareness, understanding and motivation.


Phase-III             Three months technical training program for unskilled people i.e. Mason, Carpenter, Shattering Carpenter, Finishing Carpenter, Steel fixer, Plumber and Electrician.

The emergency training for Capacity Building Training Program was launch by KYP on 3rd April, 2006 at District Bagh. There were 30 learner in 1st group. The 1st group is completed its training on 8th April, 2006 and the 2nd group is under learning position and it will be completed on 15th April, 2006.  The total entries of skilled training have increased by 160 Nos.

The schedule of training is as follow:-
Current Schedule for Emergency Training Program


  • Briefing about training and its importance.
  • Introduction and causes of earthquakes.
  • Causes of building collapsed during earthquakes and its remedies.
  • Concept of philosophy of earthquakes resistance buildings and its back history



  • Site selection and building configuration
  • Lay out (practical)
  • Excavation and Foundation. (practical)


  • Construction of houses made by stones, mud mortar, wood and lime or cement.(theory)
  • Bricks, Stone, Masonry, mud mortar, lime or cement.(practical)
  • Making trusses and Doors, windows.(practical)


  • Construction of houses made by Steel, R.C.C., Cement, Bricks or concrete Blocks
  • Exercise on design and detailing of R.C.C. framed building (practical)


  • Repair and seismic retrofitting of existing building.
  • Technology Transfer mechanism.
  • Revision and open discussion for better understanding


  • Examination or written test from students.


Please visit


Water Supply Road, Bagh, Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Ph: (058720-43106), (058720-79025) 0300-5245669




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