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KRRC's work after Earthquake

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img_1482On October8, 2005 an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale struck South Asia, affecting 3.5 million people: 73,000 died, 79,000 injured and disabled and 2.8 million were left homeless without livelihoods. In North-West Frontier Province, the earthquake damaged 84 percent of homes, hospitals, schools and other infrastructures; in Pakistan Administered Kashmir this figure was 40 percent. More than 27, 00 villages were affected. Livestock and significant crop losses of between 40 percent and 75 percent. Aftershocks and landslides severed rural roads, forcing 250,000 people in to tented camps and stranding 745,000 people in mountainous terrain where they remained dependent on airlifts for food, shelter and medicine.

The impact on health and education was devastating: 18,000 schoolchildren and 853 teachers lost their lives; 574 health facilities and 4,844 schools were destroyed. Over 955,000 school-age children had their education disrupted; 450,000 children aged 5-9 require immediate access to primary education.

<*><*><*> There was significant destabilization of land and environmental damage. Landslides reduced tree cover; further slides and deforestation are expected from February to July 2006 as a result of harsh weather and increased demand for fuel wood and reconstruction material. Between 50 percent and 100 percent of irrigation structures and community water systems were damaged or buried; natural springs dried up as a result of seismic shifts. Terraces and retaining walls require significant rehabilitation.<* /> After the huge disaster, some changes have taken place for  bringing normality in the day to day life of ordinary people. However, there are many  who are struggling for survival. People of Jammu & Kashmir living on either  side of Line of Control, which divides Kashmir have been going through some torrid time. <* /> <* /> After the earthquake, a lot of support was shown by the Kashmiri Diaspora in UK, they wanted to help the fellow countrymen back home.   KRRC already had the working relationship with KCT (UK). The need for organizing KCT (UK) in Disaster Area was felt with objective to organize and develop KCT as an organization capable undertaking the relief and rehabilitation projects through economic regeneration by actively involving local population. Hassan Sharjeel and Aamer Sohail of KRRC reached Muzaffarabad with some edible on Morning of 9th of October 2005. Relief Camp Mirpur was established on 13th and  Camp office of the KCT/KRRC was established in Jalalabad on 17th of October 2005. <* /> <* /> The rescue relief and restoration activities put an upbeat impact on the process of Social mobilization programme of the project. In this regard a number of meetings were conducted with the members of community members of evacuation of critically injured people, rescue, and food distribution, provision of temporary shelters and provision guidance for coordination with other organization came for the purpose. <* /> <* /> Here are the detail of the work of KRRC team in Muzaffarabad and affected areas. <*> <* /> <*> Social Mobilization<* /> Meeting with the Community Representatives (CRs) <*> <* /> As most of the community representatives were busy either in solving their own family problems or helping the affected people of their community, the number of meetings conducted who were either stuck up in Muzaffarabad, or came seeking relief. In such an environment of chaos and devastation where the prime need of the people is rescue, relief and food, the KRRC team instead of contacting community representatives, work hard to contact the rescue and relief organizations. The meeting conducted with the CRs regarding seeking guidance and identifying the areas that were most affected; are as follows:<* /> <* /> <*> 17 October 2005<* /> Meeting with the members of Jalalabad CBO<* /> After reaching the team of KRRC & KCT at Muzaffarabad, they immediately called upon all the community motivators and community watchers for a meeting so that a strategy may be formulated for the rescue and relief of the affected people. First of all they established KRRC main office in Jalalabad. In this meeting following participants took part.<* /> <* /> <*> Participants:<* /> <* /> 1.                  Mr. Toufique Gresta (Acting President KRRC)<* /> 2.                  Mr. Talat Butt (Secretary General KRRC)<* /> 3.                   Dr. Mohsin Shakil (KCT)<* /> 4.                  Mr. Asad  Zia (KCT)<* /> 5.                  Mr. Adeel (KRRC Volunteer)<* /> 6.                  Mr. Mustehsan Mir (Admin & Finance Volunteer)<* /> 7.                  Mr. Aamir Wani (KCT volunteer) <*> <*><* /> The following decisions were made:<* /> <* /> 1.                  The medical camp will start in Alabas Institute of Medical Sciences  under the supervision of  Dr. Mohsin Shakil.<* /> 2.                  Mr. Nadeem the community watcher was assigned the responsibility of keeping the patients in a well discipline order so that they may be treated on priority basis.<* /> 3.                  A volunteer Mr. Qaiser was given the duty of sorting and handing over the medicines to the patients according to the prescription of doctors.<* /> 4.                  Main Office for KRRC/KCT will be established in Grista House Jalalabad. <*> <* /> <*> 19-10-005 Meeting with the member of Tariqabad CBO <*> Meeting with the Community Representatives of Tariqabad held at Mr. Nazir Awan’s house on 19th of October 2005. The purpose of that meeting was to encourage the youth to work with their own hands for the betterment of their country. The decisions made as a result of the meeting were as follows:<* /> ·        A sub office will be developed at Tariqabad for the community those who are living in Tariqabad.<* /> ·        The Social Mobilizer (KCT UK region) will train youth for collecting data of effected people.<* /> ·        Nazir Awan (Community Representative) will also provide volunteer for Medical camp.<* /> <* /> <*> 21-10-005 Meeting with the member of Centre Plate Community <*> Representatives A meeting was conducted with the community member Aamir Khawaja on 21 November 2005 at Centre Plate. Abid Hashmi and Hafiz Jamal Abdul Qayyum(KCT) was also present in that meeting. The aim of that meeting was to encourage the youth of Local area for rehabilitation of their native Land.<* /> During meeting following decisions were made.<* /> ·        The youth of Centre Plate will start a project with the name of Kasamira Relief Committee. <* /> ·        This Committee will help the people for taking out the dead bodies from debris.<* /> ·        The youth will trained by the Social Mobilizer of KRRC for collecting data.<* />
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