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HelpAge Kashmir

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Background Information :-

 Context :-       

The least noticed of the destitute in disaster hit Jammu Kashmir are the elderly. Thousands of elderly in Kashmir are trapped in misery through in a combination of low income and poor health. The traditional sport structure is increasingly unable to cope with the problems. Now when the joint family is breaking down, and the children’s are unable to take care of their parents, especially after the earthquake of Oct.8, 2006 it is very difficult for elderly to cope with their daily routines.   

Text Box:

Project developed by Aamir Khawaja

Project:-                              HelpAge Kashmir 


Project Director :-            Aftab Parwaz


Project Manager:-





Need Assessment:-                 

 There are many reasons for establishing an ‘old age home’ in Muzaffarabad,  

      such as  

The breaking of ‘joint family’ system, the children are unable to care  their parents.

 The migration of young couples from rural areas to cities in search of better employment opportunities.

There are also many old persons in our society, who have no one else to care them.

Younger people on their part are sometime resentful of the attitude of parents.

Many young  people have moved to places far away from their native homes  Therefore, even if they want to, they cannot accommodate their parents in their houses.

Moreover, Retirement is another reason as the change it brings is sudden and requires adjustment for which seniors are little prepared. Overnight, they find themselves without work, without contact with co-workers, without any goal to look and the life ahead begins to look bleak. Sometimes depression sets in to make the things more complicated.







Aims                                  To ensure the independence, participation, care, self_ fulfillment and dignity of

      older persons.



Main Objectives:- 

Appreciating the contribution that older persons make to their societies.

Older persons are capable of developing opportunities for service to the community and can serve as volunteer in position of their interests and capabilities.

To provide them benefits from family and society, care and protection in accordance with cultural values.

To provide them opportunities, to enjoy human rights and freedom.




Phase One: -                     -     Development of  facility of day care centre and home in Muzaffarabad. In hired

       premises ( rented building)

 -    Assessment of the target population and Identification of seniors requiring

       assistance most.

Involvement of senior citizen in managing the facility at their own with little or no        

      assistance from younger population.  

Economic regeneration programs for the senior citizen forum .

Medical support in shape of medical care and provision of Medicine


Phase Two                        -    Development of organization owned facility.

Development of mobile medical units.

Extension of the program to other areas of Azad Kashmir    



                                           -    fund raising by the concerned community in Azad Kashmir and by the UK

             Chapter of the Helpage Kashmir.



      -   Economic regeneration plans. Such as publishing, consultancy, translations and

             other task which a senior citizen can perform with ease and interest. 


Monitoring:                       -  Monitoring by the project director and authorized personals of  KRRC to monitor

                      the progress and the performance of the project.  Evaluation of the applied Skills

                      levels of the service providing staff  will be the monitoring criteria of the project

       . Satisfaction of the target population (End stage beneficiary) will be the mainstay of

          the evaluation criteria.



Cast of Project: -              - will depend upon the level of service being provided and number of beneficiaries.

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